Relief Funding

Relief funding is to aid YFS-ratified clubs who have taken a significant loss on an event and must be submitted within 28-days of the event in question. Relief funding may be applied for once per fiscal year. The maximum clubs can apply for in Relief Funding is $800, given that proper receipts are provided. We do strongly urge fiscal discipline in organizing your events.


For Example: Your club had a "Formal Dinner" that the overall cost was $1,500 with a ticket price of $20 but only forty people attended and the ticket sales were your only source of revenue. Your club is then at a loss of $700. Your club can apply for relief funding for the lost amount.  If the amount lost is greater than $800 you are still limited at $800 in relief funding.

Please note that the normal rules of funding still apply when Relief Funding is applied for, for example we will not fund alcohol or capital expenses. 

To Apply for Relief Funding:


Submit a detailed Post-Event Form (found below)

1.    Please include all expenses and revenue sources from the event.
2.    Expenses include: deposits, food, materials, promotions, equipment, venue, guest speakers.
3.    Revenue Sources include: sponsorship, event funding, ticket sales, donations, other proceeds    

4.    Include a 1-page letter addressed to the YFS Clubs Committee. 


This letter must include:

•    An explanation of what happened to the event 
•    Why this funding is required (i.e. the financial status of your club)
•    Any other relevant information
•    Post-Event Form submitted within 28-days of the event

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