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Clubs are at the heart of student life at York University. It is important to find the balance between your academics and having a social life to truly experience ‘university’; clubs are a great way to partake in the social side of your university experience. YFS is proud to offer students the resources to start a club and to keep it going for years to come.


Welcome to the Clubs section on our website. You will find all the resources and information that you will need as a club member or club executive. If you are a student looking to get involved in a club or start your own, you will find all the information here as well.

There are two people and one committee that deal with YFS-ratified clubs. Vice-President Operations, Aaron Suresh, is the primary resource that you will deal with. Aaron was elected by the student body to be a resource for student clubs to use, and can be reached at


The second person you will communicate with is the Clubs Services Coordinator. This is the YFS staff person who works with clubs on their daily needs and helps to coordinate clubs services, and she can be reached at


The Clubs Committee deals with allocating funds to the clubs that apply for club funding. The Committee is made up of several people who represent the student body from clubs, the YFS Board, and the executive team.


The process to becoming a YFS-ratified club takes some planning. It is important that you meet the requirements outlined in the YFS Club Ratification Policy. Some of the important highlights include: 


  • A detailed and complete YFS Club Ratification Application with all required documents.

  • A list of the club executives, including telephone numbers, address, working e-mail addresses and student numbers.

  • The names of club signing authorities.

  • The names and affiliations of any volunteers or employees of the club who are authorized to work on  behalf of the club.

  • Disclosure of faculty, college or departmental affiliations, linkages or sponsorships.

  • Disclosure of any formal affiliation or linkages with external groups.

  • The clubs most recent constitution that adheres to the requirements; as outlined in section 7.0 of the YFS Club Ratification policy.

  • The name of the club’s bank account, account number, address and a statement of the current bank balance containing the clubs name.

  • Outline of events and projects for the year.

  • A membership list of a minimum of 15 voting members, including names, student numbers and e-mail  addresses.


Clubs must also submit a detailed budget, using the YFS Financial Statement template as a starting point, and must include the following information:


  • Total projected costs of operations for the upcoming year.

  • Total projected costs for events for the year.

  • Disclosure of membership fees.

  • Disclosure of external funding support expected and received in the past year.

  • Disclosure of all other sources of revenue expected and received in the past year (include college donations, private contributions, etc).




There are many benefits to being ratified with YFS. From club funding to club swag to photocopying services to graphic design and more, YFS has your club covered! 


Student clubs ratified with the YFS will have access to many YFS services including:


  • Up to $800 in Club Funding per event

  • $200 in Base Funding to start your club up

  • Club advocacy services

  • Opportunities to table at YFS events

  • Club listing on the YFS website

  • YFS liability insurance, upon request

  • Free booking of the YFS Popcorn, Snow Cone and Cotton Candy Machines, water coolers and gaming consoles

  • Free printing and photocopying up to $125

  • Help with constitution writing, event planning, financial planning, running elections

  • Access to Club Swag like t-shirts, water bottles, pens, lanyards, USBs and much more through YFS ethical bulk-purchasing program

  • Free graphic design services

  • One free vinyl banner per year


    100 free Business Cards










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