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York Federation of Student (YFS) recognizes the rights of students to form clubs and associations at York University as a forum for expressing their views and to meet academic, social, religious and cultural needs at York University. YFS provides funding for student clubs at York University to support their initiatives, which enhances the experience of students at York University. YFS is dedicated to supporting all inclusive and accessible events at York University. Club funding is provided solely to clubs that have been ratified by YFS.


To ensure accountability and efficiency for the distribution of club funding, YFS has adopted the Club Funding Operations Policy. In it, you will find: Terms of Funding, Types of Funding, Application Process, Adjudication information, Funding Pick-Up and Event Promotion. Be sure to read through the funding policy with your club executives so that everyone understands what types of events can be funded and for how much you may be funded for. It is important to note that club funding is never guaranteed, so we have set out a forms process that will give you a good idea of how much funding you will most likely be eligible for.

Before your event you fill out a Pre-Event Funding form. That will give you an estimate of how much funding you may be approved for. This way you do not end up spending money out of your own pocket. If your event passes before the Clubs Committee Meeting, proceed to completing your Post-Event Application.  


Once the event has taken place, you will have to fill out the Post-Event Funding Form with all your receipts scanned within 28-days to receive any more funding. If you do not need more funding, you must still submit a Post-Event Funding Application with all of your receipts. Receipts MUST be itemized.

Remember, if you do not receive an email confirmation upon submitting your application, it did not go through.


The Clubs Committee will review all applications. Once you have been approved for funding you will receive an email to pick up your club cheque from Room 336 Student Centre.


Please download and read through the Club Funding Policy Below. 

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